In-House Professional

Our personal service and acute knowledge of whitetail deer lets us showcase your trophy for years to come. We use tried and proven techniques that work to bring a superior level of expertise to preserving your memory. We take great pride in attention to detail while mounting every trophy.

Services Include:

  • Head Mounts
  • Full Body Mounts
  • Shipping

Step Inside our Taxidermy Building

You want to preserve the image and memory of the deer you killed. At Apple Creek Whitetails, our professional taxidermy experts can make that happen for you. Taxidermy is a staple of the hunting experience—having and taking care of a mounted deer lets you preserve the memory for decades.

Skinning a whitetail is not an easy process, and thanks to our whitetail taxidermy services, you won’t have to worry about handling the act. A visit to our taxidermy house will give you peace of mind that your mount will be in excellent condition.

Taxidermy Mount Cleaning Tips

  • You’ll want to keep your trophy display in a climate-controlled environment. Don’t keep your display opposite a window where sunlight or any source of direct heat can affect it. Also, bear in mind that excessive humidity can create mold and mildew.

  • You’ll also want to gently dust your mount on occasion. Use a feather duster, and then apply a damp cloth toward the hair. You should also wipe down the horns or antlers with a damp cloth. To clean eyes, apply glass cleaner to a Q-tip and polish via a dry swab. Make sure to also prevent unnecessary touching.

  • Lastly, it’s recommended that you occasionally use total release foggers (“bug bombs”) in a safe manner to prevent insects from eating away at your mount. You can also use any moth proofing spray—ideally one that’s safe for clothing—to kill moths as well. Simply apply a small spray and gently comb into the hair.