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Variety Pack - Jerky Making Kit
Contains three sets of seasoning and cure precisely measured for 5 lb batches of meat.
Flavors: Cracked Pepper/Garlic | Honey BBQ | Mesquite

What You'll Need For One, 5lb Batch:

  • 5lbs of lean meat
  • 1 large, non metallic mixing bowl
  • smoker, dehydrator or oven
  • 1 gallon storage bag (for marinating)


  1. SLICE meat into thin strips
  2. MIX one pre-measured packet of both seasoning and cure
  3. MARINATE seasoned meat in 1 gallon bag 8 hours to overnight in refrigerator
  4. DRY meat using instructions in package
  5. STORE and REFRIDGERATE jerky in air-tight container

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