Hunting Lodge

Welcome to our state of the art – yet rustic – hunting lodge located in the heart of our North Woods Wisconsin hunting ranch. Our goal from design to build was comfort and care of our hunting guests. A wide range of onsite amenities rivaling a five-star hotel and the entire lodge is 100% handicap accessible.

Choose Your Experience

Our luxury hunting lodges provide stellar amenities, such as the two-story, two-bedroom, one-bath luxury private cabin and the three-bedroom, three-bath cottage at Hillside Hideaway. Our Northwoods lodges are located in a secluded setting, yet they’re within 40 minutes of Green Bay. Your hunting trip will be all-inclusive, from airport pickup, one-on-one service with a hunting guide, and handcrafted meals. You’ll have a trip like no other when you choose Apple Creek Whitetails.

Hunting as a Luxury Experience

Luxury hunting at Apple Creek Whitetail mixes a primal activity with pleasant amenities. The result is an unmatched experience at a trophy whitetail lodge. Apple Creek Whitetails goes above and beyond to bring you nothing short of the finest luxury hunting cabins in Wisconsin.

A Five-Star Experience

Apple Creek Whitetails is truly a five-star luxury hunting experience. Our ranches are some of the largest in America, and we’re available on a nearly 24/7 basis from 5am-11pm on most days. You won’t want to leave our trophy whitetail lodge.

More Than Just A Hobby

Not only is trophy hunting an enjoyable activity, it’s a great way to relieve stress, get exercise, and feel better overall. It’s a great form of mental stimulation as well, as any experienced hunter knows how much strategy goes into the problem solving and creative thinking associated with hunting. Simply put—whitetail hunting is an enjoyable activity that also has several health benefits.

Book a trip at one of our whitetail deer hunting lodges today by calling 877-431-HUNT.